The Purpose

As a jewelry brand founded in the heart of the NYC Diamond District, we aim to create jewelry that is uniquely aesthetic, from the finest materials. 

The Story

Mitch grew up in a family of jewelers, working from a young age in the heart of the NYC Diamond District with his father.

A passion for fine craftsmanship and architectural design was the driving force behind his detailed artwork, along with a strong fascination with how the world’s greatest empires distinguished themselves through innovative and cultural expression.

The result was a vision that reflected the striking aesthetic of both the ancient and modern world.

The Process

Our pieces are handcrafted and engraved in NYC, crafted from pure silver, 18K gold, and platinum of the highest quality. We craft our jewelry with only the finest DF-VS+ quality diamonds and precious stones.

Finally, we carry out a thorough inspection prior to shipping to ensure every detail of the piece meets our standards.